Minnesota INT

Welcome to the MN INT Watersports Series. We are pleased to announce that we have began organizing our 2015 event series.

INT Leauge offers a great summer experience for anyone involved with the MN LAKELIFE. We will be catering our events towards a Grass Roots level with classes from Mini Outlaw to Mens/Womens Open. This year we plan on offering wake boarding and wake surfing throughout the Twin Cities and metro area, but if you have any other ideas let us know.

Currently we are working on partnering with local motorsports dealers and related organizations to bring the best experience to you possible. With local sponsors already in the making we plan on having a tentative event schedule for you very soon. With that said we are prospecting for lakes in communities with the highest potential of a successful weekend. This means we are still currently looking for new sponsors and locations to best suit your needs.

Please reach out if you have any questions related to our plan or if you have an idea we can help you with.

Contact us by email or phone:

Jake Riehle

Phone: (763) 213-3647

E-mail:  MN@intleague.com