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Welcome to Nevada INT!

Okeefe Family PhotoWe are excited to announce that Shawn and Chelsea O’Keefe will be our 2015 Nevada State Coordinators! Although we are sad to see the Litjen’s family retire from their role as State Coordinators, we are so thankful for all of the time and effort they put into developing and growing the Nevada INT League. Their initial dedication has paid off, and now the O’Keefe family is ready to take the torch and host an excellent season of water sports events this summer. Shawn and Chelsea attended the Rookie Camp in Seattle to learn all of the tricks of the trade in the water sports events business. They are equipped to plan the Nevada Schedule of Events, obtain local sponsorship from boat dealers and other local business, and market the events to the water sports community.

Check out what they want for NV INT this year!   State Coordinator Bios>

What is INT all about?

INT League stands for International Novice Tour.  Now in over 20 states, INT hosts amateur water sports in the following divisions: Wakeboard, Waterski, Wake Skate and Kneeboard.  Individuals can enjoy the challenges of competition in a fun and non-intimidating environment. So if you aren’t just yet throwing crazy spins and flips, there is still a division for you to come out and test your skills against others of your own ability level.  Our weekend long events provide a unique atmosphere where families can camp, compete, roast marshmallows and create unforgettable memories at a private lake.

We are on the lookout for volunteers!  Please contact us for more information.

Tell us you want to volunteer at our July 17-19 event by March 29th and we’ll give you a Tour Team shirt to wear at the events!

Event Drivers 

All INT drivers must be NASBLA approved this season. Please complete the iDrive Boating program or the State’s program prior to the first event. Special thanks to all of the drivers for volunteering their time and skills.  INT Members get 30% off iDrive Drivers Training Program.

Tour Team Volunteers

Are you interested in helping at the events? Let us know! Our events are possible because of the gracious volunteers who judge, drive, set up and tear down, wash the boats, help at registration, or dock start. Contact us to find a place you can get involved.

Sponsor NV INT Tour

Advertise your company in the Event Guide or Sponsor the Nevada INT Tour.  Market your company to your friends at INT. Everyone needs a auto repair man, a plumber, insurance guy, etc. Take advantage of INT’s great marketing packages!

For more information on being a part of the various sponsorship and marketing opportunities Nevada INT has to offer, please contact us at