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Dear Friends,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Nor Cal INT League. We are working on plans for 2016. More information on the position>

Nor Cal INT on Hiatus for 2015

Seattle, Washington (March 5, 2015) – It is with great disappointment that the INT League announces that there will not be a Northern California INT tour in 2015. With the help of Chuck and Linda Payton, the INT League has tried to find a replacement or apprentice coordinator for this summer, but due to scheduling conflicts and other road blocks, we are unable to put together a schedule of events.

Unfortunately in August 2014, Chuck and Linda Payton announced their plans to retire from the position of Northern California State Coordinator after many years of wonderful service to their water sports community. Chuck served as chairmen of the INT wakeboard rules committee for many years, and Linda was an astute event organizer who found fun ways to keep their events exciting on shore.

Two applicants applied for the position in late January; however they did not approach the INT League in time to attend Rookie Camp. The INT League prides itself on the training of its event organizers and does not appoint State Coordinators unless they attend the training weekend known as “Rookie Camp.” This is done to maintain the integrity of the INT program, safety of the participants, and to preserve the professional quality that our sponsors and partners have come to expect from the INT League.

Over the next eight months, the INT League will be diligently seeking an applicant that would like to lead the Northern California INT League and host waterski, wakeboard, wake skate, kneeboard and wake surf events throughout the Northern California Region.

We are seeking a person(s) who can energetically commit to this part time position. The responsibilities include working with lake owners and municipalities to set up a schedule of events, marketing the events, working with local dealers and sponsors, and managing event days. The INT League will provide training, support, and the “Tool Box” to help the coordinator achieve all of these goals. Please email for more information.

We ask our sponsors and participants to keep the faith in the INT Program and its return in 2016. This sort of thing unfortunately happens from time to time, though we do our absolute best to prevent it.

We invite skiers and riders to attend the Southern California INT Tour, for more information please visit

The INT staff and the Payton family would like to thank the riders and skiers for their love and support over the years. These events would not have been possible without the local partners Babes Boat Care, Nor Cal MasterCraft,, Chucktronics, Boat Country Inc., Hughes Ski Hut, Superior Boat and Storage, and Elevated Clothing.

Jacqueline Stocks-Banks