US Championships 2010

If you took first place in the Oklahoma 2009 INT Tour, you are invited to compete at the 2010 US Championships! All participants must be 2010 INT/WWA Members. Please Register in the division appropriate for your ability level before August 22, 2010. Sign Up Today!

USC Invitation

List of 2009 First Place Champions Invited to the US Championships:

Bechtol, Zach

Branch, Dylan

Chaplin, Mike

Colborn, Bart

Collins, Kelton

Dahlin, Einar

Doke, Mat

Dunn, Barrett

Eberle, Roger

Forrest, Todd

Frost, Chandler

Gelinas, Jerrid

Gwartney, Ashley

Hewett, Elizabeth

Hix, David

Jiles, Mike

Korf, Bryan

Kress, Taylor

Reichl, Justin

Reichl, Jaden

Roberts, Sammy

Roberts, Sammy

Romine, Trey

Rosburg, Paul

Thomas, Robert

Wardrip, Rachel

Williams ,Parker

Zeimet, Jenny

2010 INT Events in Oklahoma

The 2010 season has been postponed, we are actively looking for a new state coordinator for the 2011 season. Please enjoy participating in the Arkansas or Kansas INT events. Please contact INT League if you are interested in becoming the next INT State Coordinator at Fun@intleague.com. More information on the job requirements

Oklahoma 2009

Please be advised that the  Hibbings and Chad Carter have resolved their financial commitments to INT. INT appreciates all of their hard work last summer and wishes them the best in the future. Unfortunately SuzAnne Hibbing’s state coordinator contract was not renewed for 2010; which includes a five year non-compete clause. If you have further questions, please contact the INT Home office. INT apologizes for any inconvenience that this situation may have caused you, it is our hope to move forward in a positive direction in the future.


We want to thank all of you that attended our Regional Championships in Little Rock Arkansas this last weekend, what a great time of competition, making memories, getting creative with staying dry, and figuring out where a party of 49 could get a quick bite to eat!! What a great finish to our first year as an INT State……..For those that wanted to know who attended and how exactly we finished in the standings the following is for your informative minds………………

Gary, SuzAnne, Amy Hibbing, Chad Carter, Carl and Beverly Carter, Chuck Ruel, Mike, Vanessa, Chelsea and Taylor Kress, Jeremy Wyer, David, Donna, Emily and Chandler Frost, Gunner Daft, Kevin, Angie, and Matt Doke, Troy, Angela and Jakob Smith, Jeremy, Jenny and Dylan Ziement, Kent and Parker Williams, Mike Chapplin, Jerrid Gelinas, Aunt Rose and Rachel Wardrips mom, dad and brother…..Kyle Tosh, Greg, Jaime and Dylan Branch, George, Brenda and Todd Forrest, Justin Reichl, Penny and Trey Romine, Chad and Gavin Morgan, Christian Amos, and the unforgettable Steele and Dakota Hunter!

So how did our 17 awesome competitors finish up?……………

Jerrid took  First Place in Advance
Chad took Second Place in Advance
Gunner took Sixth Place in Advance
Taylor took Second Place in Men’s Pro
Chandler took Fourth Place in Junior Intermediate
Matt Doke took Fourth Place in Junior Entro
Kevin Doke took Fourth Place in Veterns
Jakob Smith took Fourth Place in Mini-Outlaw
Jenny Ziemet took First Place in Womens Entro
Parker took Fourth Place in Mens Novice
Mike Chapplin took Fifth Place in Mens Entro
Rachel Wardrip took Second Place in Wakeskate Intermediate……Lost first by 1 point!!
Dylan Branch held Second Place in Junior Novice after first ride on Thursday.
Todd Forrest took Second Place in Outlaw
Justin Reichl took First Place in Masters Open
Trey Romine took Fifth Place in Expert
Gavin Morgan took Fifth Place in Mens Novice
Christian Amos took Fourth Place in Mens Entro

There were 11 States competing in the Central/East Regional Championships, all of our Team Oklahoma did absolutely fantastic, we are so proud of our “Team Riders” and their awesome family and friends that came out to cheer on and support everybody. We want to thank the Carter Family for opening up their home for all to come over, hang out and rejuvenate.  Thank you Katie from Red Bull for filling up the car with product to keep us all on our toes and amped up all weekend!

We want everybody to keep in touch, get together and practice when possible, until competition starts up again…… We will do everything we can to let you all know when and where we are and you all do the same!  Remember our AWESOME SPONSORS when purchasing anything  for Birthdays, Christmas or updating equipment…….. Word has it that the Burton Ski/Snowboarding  gear at Sun and Ski is cool looking and  affordable.