Partner With INT!

Special Thanks to-

-INT Local and National Sponsors whose funding makes the events possible
-Lake Owners and Municipalities that assist INT in providing the best conditions for competition
-Ski and Wakeboard Clubs with whom INT partners with to host events
-INT Volunteers who judge, rope, drive, set up, tear down, register, and announce.
-INT State Coordinators who organize, host and promote INT Events.

Partnership Opportunities

Local and National Sponsorship OpportunitiesClick here for more information>

Lake Owners and Municipalities

INT hosts events at both public and private lake sites all over the country. State coordinators and their tour team are trained to set up a professional site with banners and other festivities, all of which will be negotiated in a Lake Rental Agreement. INT is well renowned for leaving a site cleaner then when we arrived and being respectful of property. INT has partnered with the World Wakeboard Associate to provide $2 million dollar event general liability insurance, and $25k additional medical insurance for the riders and skiers.

Ski and Wakeboard Clubs

If you currently host or would like to host a wake and/or ski event, do so in conjunction with the INT League. INT provides a format and turn key system to hosting quality events. Please talk to the state coordinator in your area, they will work with you to promote and execute your event.


INT is a “by the people, for the people” organization. If you would like to judge, drive, rope, dock start, set up, tear down, work in registration, or announce, please talk to you state coordinator¬† about volunteering or becoming a tour team member. Your coordinator can assist you with training on all volunteer duties. All INT drivers are required have NASBLA certification, which can be obtained through the iDrive Boats program.

State CoordinatorsClick here for more information>


“I would like to say that waterskiing is very much alive, despite some critics. Your program (INT) is a big part of that re-growth.”

-Andy Mapple

10 Time World Slalom Record Holder

“I realize that this is long overdue, but I wanted to send all of you a quick note to say thank you and commend you all on what you do for the sport of waterskiing and the individuals involved in it. I have experienced what the INT does for the sport on varied scales over the years, but this year I got to know it a little more “up close and personal.”

Additionally the local INT event as well as the INT US Championship experience gave me renewed excitement for the direction of our sport. Thanks for being so accommodating and thanks for letting me and all of the other pros be a part of your events and your organization. It was wonderful to attend and compete in your event.

Please let me know if I can ever be any help to any of you…anytime!” Thanks and Happy New Year!

-Seth Stisher

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