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Become an INT State Coordinator! The INT League is looking for outgoing, self motivated, disciplined individuals who would like to join the INT family. If you are a success minded, family orientated water sports enthusiast who is financially secure and looking for an opportunity to build your own rewarding part time business we would like to speak with you.

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We attribute a great deal of INT’s success in the water sports industry to our committed, hard working team of State Coordinators. All of whom have joined the INT family because of their desire to provide families with a safe, family friendly, fun place to be together, compete, and enjoy each others company.

Our grass roots program partners you with people and companies who support the watersports environment; as well as providing with classroom and field training to help you as you establish your state’s tour. We are currently looking for Coordinators for the next season.

Hiring takes place in November, the training weekend is in the winter, please check the INT Calendar for the date.

If you think you are this individual please send your resume and a cover letter detailing your water sports and business experience and why you are interested in becoming a state coordinator to or PO Box 359 Black Diamond, WA 98010.

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Applicants must have proficient computer skills, capable of using excel, word, email, and simple graphics programs.
Rookie Training

If we have learned anything, we have learned the training is the key to success. Training is one aspect of INT that sets us apart from other event organizers and is a direct influence on the professionalism, consistency, and quality of INT events. After New State Coordinators have signed their State Coordinator Contract and paid the $2000 franchise fee; INT brings the new coordinators to Seattle for a three day training seminar. The fee also includes one INT staff member attending your first event and helping throughout the process. At the training seminar, freshman coordinators learn all of the administrative components, how to use Mr. Judge, how to market their tour, how to involve local dealers, how to run an INT event, and how to score waterskiing, wakeboarding, wake skate and knee boarding.

Training will include learning the insites of what makes INT Events Successful:

- Planning
- Organization
- Managing Volunteers
- Marketing
- How to Sell Sponsorship
- How to Build Your Water sports Community
- Managing the Website
- Email Marketing and Newsletters
- Judging Slalom and Wakeboard
- Using the Mr. Judge Program
- Site Preparation
- Accounting
- Driver Training
- Safety
- And more…


State Coordinators are contractors representing the International Water Sports Organization (IWSO-INT League). As a State Coordinator you will enjoy the many rewards of having your own business affiliated with the water sports industry. Your job is to provide/produce fun events across your state. You will do that by meeting and working with ski clubs, lake owners, municipalities, local dealers, area representatives, national sponsors and competitors. For all your efforts, you will be rewarded with both financial and emotional rewards.

Some of your responsibilities will include:

Attend Boat Shows in your area
Create an Event Guide
Sell Local Sponsorship
Meet with local ski and wakeboard clubs
Promote all dealerships and wear a “neutral hat”
Update and Maintain State Website
Use Mr. Judge Administration and Financial Management software
Run fun, safe, family oriented INT Events
Attend INT US Championships
Attend Annual INT Coordinators Meeting
Obtain CPR and First Aid Certification
Complete the iDrive training course

INT is a simple turn key marketing and promotion system to hosting events

Earn Commissions and Event Revenue
Per Participant Entry Fee Commission
Local Sponsorship Commissions
Special Equipment Discounts

Event Guide: INT gives State Coordinators a template from which to create a custom event guide for each state.

Rule Book: INT annually produces a rule book with all of the INT rules, as well as US Championship, Scholarships and other pertinent information.

Give Aways: INT provides T-shirts, stickers and other giveaways to give away to competitors.

Insurance: INT in cooperation with the World Wakeboard Association, has the best insurance in the industry to make sure every tournament is fully covered. This includes competitors, spectators, the site, and the boats.

Mr. Judge: A unique computer program that handles scoring and all INT administrative needs. This software will simplify your job and assure proper organization


WSIA Endorsement
National Points System
National Media Exposure
INT Championships
Administration and Field Support
Local Sponsorship and Dealer Support
Local Sponsorship Proposal Format
Web Page- State Domain
Email Marketing
Boats for Your Events
Event Ropes and Handles
Event Posters and Flyers, Boat Show Displays
National Sponsor Advertisements and Music

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