South Carolina INT

SC INT Welcomes Nicole & the team and Art’s Carts!

We are excited to have you onboard!

PhoenixWake Academy

Phoenix Wake

“Inspired from our life experiences, at PhoenixWake, we aim to engage riders of all ages to connect with others in their community and their environment to progress the local watersports industry toward a more positive and responsible future.”


Art’s CartsArtsCarts

2248 Pond Branch Rd., Gilbert South Carolina  – Custom or Standard Carts Reasonably Priced

Use our carts for any purpose: home, farm, hunting, at the beach or around the lake.

We are in the Lake Murray, SC,  area but folks come from around the Southland to buy and enjoy our carts. If you want something a little different and yet very reasonably priced, we can help. Our carts can be customized JUST the way you want it. Custom wheels, colors, dashboards… just about anything. Please check us out on the web or call for more details or call Art directly  803.429.7777

2013 was an exciting year - 2014 will be FANTASTIC

Congrats to all the SC competitors! We had a BLAST at US Championship…
Podium finishes: Dale Black, Mike Blakley, Donna Brady, Leah Flautt, Mitch Gilbert, Katherine Grant, Wade Havnaer,  Hjalmar Hengstmann, Ellery Hunt,  Bob Lofink, Austin Rodgers, Ben Sampson, Caitlin Scanlon, Kirsten Scanlon, Camden Vaughan, and Mike Venneri!

Congratulation to our State Champions!!

We would like to thank all our sponsors for providing us with the best boats in the industry.

Thanks to all the INT members and their families. We appreciate you!

Volunteer Family of the Year and Iron Man Awards: athlete (male or female) with remarkable endurance or durability; requiring physical exertion and competition; Those who renders aid, kindness and assumes obligation voluntarily; undertaking it all by choice and without request or obligation. We honor you!

A special thanks to OUR FAMILY of the Year… THE BATSONS! Thanks for all you do!!!

A special thank to OUR IRON MAN, Mr. Steven Adams and Mr. Robbie Robertson, Thanks for all you do!!!

A humble thanks to our Sponsor’s and Volunteers who made these events possible. There is no way we can name all the names but Mike and I send our thanks! We are fortunate to have such wonderful, thoughtful friends!

The year was a huge success.

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