In 2014 INT will be hosting two regional invitationals in lieu of US Championships.

NEWS FLASH: Late Registration for the Western and Eastern Regionals may still be taking place. However the order for the event t-shirt has already been submitted. Those that register after 9/11/2014 will not receive an event t-shirt. We apologize in advance.

Compete against the best of the best!

At the end of the season, the division winners in each state are invited to the Western and Eastern Region Invitationals. There, INT division winners compete against other state champions for the US Championships title. Sponsors, professional athletes, friends and family from around the country join together to compete and cheer one another on. It is a fun filled week of parties and competition. An honorary banquet is held to award the Champions at the conclusion of the event. Don’t miss this exciting experience!

Registration will be available online only August 1st to participants seated in 1st place, 2nd place or 3rd place in their divisions and who have completed in at least 50% of the events in their state or region. Pre-Registration is required.

Western Regionals>

Date: September 18-20 (New Date)
Lake: Lago del Sol, Lemore, CA

Eastern Regionals>

Dates: September 26-28
Lake: Lake Jewel, AL