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Welcome to Washington INT League

INT League offers divisions for all ages and abilities, fun for the entire family, awards and door prizes, camping, potluck dinners and good times with new and old friends. Come and play all weekend with the INT Amateur Tour.

Are you looking for events in the Spokane or Idaho area? Check out our new Inland Northwest Tour!

Upcoming Event:

We just have one more event before we head to California for Regionals! Here are a few extra event details for this weekend:

Stops 5 & 6: Free Riders’ Ball and Washington State Championships Co-Hosted by INT Washington and Koppert Lake/Active Watersports

Friday:  Friday afternoon registration will be open.  You must check in at registration prior to practice.  Practice will be hosted by INT for $10.00 per set.

Paid Camping:  Koppert Lake will be charging for tents $15.00 for one night and both nights for $20.00 and RV’s that hook up to water and power $25.00 for one night and 40.00 for both nights. CAMPING FEES MUST BE PAID ONLINE OR AT REGISTRATION.  You will be provided a tag to place at your site to show payment.

Wakeboard format change for this event: Wakeboard in the afternoon will still be a 4 pass format but you will be judged in a two pass format in preparation for the Western Region Invitational September 18-20, Lago del Sol, Lemore, CA.  Since the Regional event is a two pass format riders will get four passes.  Each day the riders will get 4 passes.  The tricks on the first time up and down the lake will be scored as the first 2 pass set.  The second time up and down the lake will be scored as the second 2 pass set.  The best of the two pass sets will be scored.  For Sunday awards the best 2 pass set of the weekend will be used for awards.

Saturday night we will be doing “cheeseburger in paradise” pot luck.  INT will provide the cheese burgers and fixings.  Please bring a side dish to put out for everybody to share.

Saturday after dinner we, will be having a margarita making contest both virgin style and for adults. Bring you blender and you drink making skills

Theme: Jimmy Buffet Cheese burgers in paradise.

2014 Schedule of Events

April 26 Koppert Lake, Toledo Wake Event
May 10-11 Marcus Brown Slalom Clinic and Practice Day, Lake Havvaski, Olympia  Sign Up Now>
June 7-8 Lake Tye, Monroe Ski, Wake & Surf Event
August 1 Micah Ping Waterski Clinic, Sun Basin Ski Ranch, Moses Lake
August 2-3 Sun Basin Ski Ranch, Moses Lake Slalom Only 3 Round Shootout
August 23-24 Koppert Lake State Championship, Toledo Ski & Wake Event

Western Regionals date revision:
September 18-20 Western Region Invitational, Lago del Sol, Lemore, CA. More Information>

**Most events will have Friday evening practice, please check the event schedule for more information.

Mark your calendar and help us out by purchasing your INT Membership online in the pre-season. Membership and event registration are on the Event Registration page.

What’s New

REELWe have a new sponsor this year - Reel Cameras.

“WA INT League has partnered with Reel Cameras to bring you the most user friendly action sports camera on the market. 14% smaller and lighter than the GoPro, it comes with LCD screen installed and interchangeable lens options. This is the action camera of choice for wakeboard and water skiers alike. Enter your WA INT League (ReelWake) code for $20 bucks off and a free shirt on Reel Cameras website. “   http://reelcameras.com/

Pre-registration closes at 5p on the Friday prior to the event.  On-site registration will be $5 more.

Good information you should know…

Awards- Awards will be given out only on Sunday’s using your best score for the division over the weekend. If you only ride one of the days that will be the score used to place you in the division.

4 Pass Wake Format— Riders have 4 passes to log their best tricks. The best 10 or 12 tricks, depending on your division will be scored. The CAT score will be based on the entire run.

More Style Points– The expression portion will be worth more of the total score.

Wake Surf Event— Lake Tye Event in Monroe

Big Prizes— Gear, Gift Certificates and More!


All INT drivers must be NASBLA approved this season. Please complete the iDrive Boating program prior to the first event. This program will fulfill the Washington State and NASBLA requirements. Special thanks to all of the drivers for volunteering their time and skills.


A special thanks to those of you who helped out last summer. Are you interested in helping at the events? Let us know! Our events would not be possible if not for the gracious volunteers who judge, drive, set up and tear down, wash the boats, help in registration, dock start, etc. Wakeboarders we need judges, please let us know if you would be willing to help.

Partner with INT

Advertise your company in the Event Guide or Sponsor the Washington INT Tour. Contact WA@intleague.com for more information. This is a great way to market your company to your friends at INT. Everyone needs a auto repair man, a plumber , in insurance guy, etc. And people do business with people they know, so take advantage of INT’s great marketing packages.

State Coordinators– Deno Maedgen & Sheryl Onn. WA@intleague.com